It's not ogre, it's never ogre

Ogre my dead body!

You have not accepted shrek as your true orge lord. Repent now.

Bring it on! :P

Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

You know, I really never understood Tumblr’s weird obsession with Shrek and the supposed memes. XP Shrek is really overrated, if you ask me.



To be fair, she is female… ;)

If I had seen this during my phase of childhood with being scared of raptors, I’d have been cured a lot sooner. XD



Tim Burton Inspired Pokemon Drawing by Vaughn Pinpin (More Images)

fucking nightmare fuel Arbok shit

I am loving these Burton renditions!! :D They look amazing!

~OUaT Fanfic Excerpt~


Kurt groaned in anger… they could never get his picture right. If they were going to put him on a wanted poster, they should at least represent his appearance properly! On the poster, he had a seductive, smarmy grin, a scummy chin beard, an absolutely ridiculous pretty-boy hair style, and worst of all, the nose. It was like they took the biggest nose they could find and just tossed it in for fun! I mean, no one would ever find him with an inaccurate poster like this, but just how poorly done this parody was… it was offensive. Kurt tore the paper up and let it blow in the breeze behind him.

“They never get my nose right…”


Ethan wrote that, having the idea to use Flynn Ryder’s wanted poster. XD



Okay guys, serious business time. I could either keep going with this video. Or I could finish writing Twilight’s Letter here

I really need opinions and stuff. IF I DO CONTINUE WITH THE VIDEO. I don’t think I would have the time to like fully render and color each illustration it would have to stay in slightly faded bruhaha. In which case do I want sketches on Rainbowshy? I could fully render and color the sketches if some kind friends like volunteered to line and color, but all my art buddies are busy and I don’t want to ask them.

On the other hand I think the Twilight Letter post, on top of being easier on ME, ends up being more informative. But the Video is more EMOTIONAL.

I need advice. Comments and Criticism. And just help in general.

This post is due on the 28th. MAYBE I could stretch it to October 7th? But I really don’t want to. I want to be moving on to other posts by October.

Morning reblog for folks



It’s pretty hard to say!

But I guess I can offer one suggestion. Go with the letter, but throw in some images every few paragraphs or so, like of highlights of the story. It’s not quite as emotional as the video would be; it’d be a mix of the informative elements of the letter and emotional elements of the images.

That way it’s easier on you and kind of mixing the two together.


'A date with the devil' 

A story behind the selfie pic that Alex got in a text message from his lil bara demon brother. 

*credits to clumzyjr for the story suggestion when I was stuck with this weekly theme. 


a little mini comic inspired by this post

it was too cute, I had to draw a version of it xD

LOL!!!! XD Both the comic and the original post is hilarious and cute!


I am still alive.

Not quiet sure yet, but I start to think that it might get better. Thanks for all of your messages, especially the ones who tell me what I mean to them. 

I will take antidepressiva tomorrow and go to a threapist. Maybe things will change.

(Tobias H., I don’t have a mobile anymore. But you can maybe sent me your facebook?)

That is such a relief to hear. <3 I’m glad you’re looking into treatment and are still making it. It really is an immense joy to see you doing your best to overcome this. 

Seeing you like this was heartbreaking, it really was. You do mean a lot to me and have inspired me so much. Be it creatively, mentally, and just overall feeling better about things. Same to so many people. You’ve done so much in giving them advice, making them smile with your art, photos, and even your shop. Maybe we can’t do much, but hopefully we can still give you a little something back. <3

I’m so happy you’re okay now, which is what matters. Good luck in your endeavours, always. ^w^